ACUTA Community

As part of ACUTA’s back-office technology upgrade, the ACUTA Listserv has undergone some changes as we bring our new social networking software online. ACUTA recognizes the success of over 19 years of email based collaboration through our listserv based system, and our new social networking software ”ACUTA Community” maintains this functionality. In addition to keeping existing email functionality, the new ACUTA Community will provide a full web based collaboration environment for ACUTA members to connect with other ACUTA members. Some of the new benefits include:

  • Unified login requiring only a single username and password for all ACUTA web services. 
  • File attachments now allowed in discussions 
  • Search member generated profiles for ACUTA member with similar interests. 
  • Collaboration using Wikis, Blogs, Calendars, and shared documents


Create a Username and Password: All ACUTA members will need to create a new username and password to access the ACUTA Community. Our new single sign-on system will allow you to use the new username and password to access ALL ACUTA web services. This includes the ACUTA Community, registering for a meeting at the member rate, purchasing items from the online store at the member rate, etc.

For most members it will be a simple matter of looking yourself up and assigning a username and password. For other individuals who may not already be in our database you can create a temporary account as a placeholder and someone from the ACUTA staff will connect you with the appropriate school or company as required. You can also call the ACUTA office at 859-278-3338 if you are uncertain what to do or the website cannot find you in our database.


Once you created a username and password you can go to to access the ACUTA Community. Once there, take a look around and as a first time user it is suggested you do the following:

Select how you wish to receive information from the ACUTA Community. At the top right of the webpage click on Email Settings. You may select to get individual emails or a daily digest (similar to an email listserv) or you can logon to the ACUTA Community and read messages from the web. You can send email to the ACUTA Community just like a listserv. Address your email to You can also compose a message within the community web interface.

Populate your ACUTA Community Profile. On the left side of the webpage click on the link called Edit my Profile. From here you can upload a picture of yourself, add a Bio, or create Tag words that reflect interests you have. This is a great way to network with other ACUTA members who have similar interests and issues.


Stay Tuned. In the coming weeks and months ACUTA will be promoting the new ACUTA Community and more members will be signing up. If you have any questions about the new ACUTA Community please email them to the moderator at