Legislation & Regulation

The committee's mission is to monitor and report to the ACUTA Board and Membership on telecommunication legislative and regulatory activities affecting higher education.
The committee recommends that you check the following documents for compliance dates that might affect your institution.
Most of the documents contained in this area were created using Adobe Acrobat to maintain essential formatting. Other links may lead to sites and documents outside of ACUTA.

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Hot Topics



800# Shortage

Access Charges

Accessibility of Telecom Equipment and Services for the Disabled


Broadband Issues

Broadband Stimulus Package

Cable TV / Radio

CALEA/Patriot Act/Homeland Security/Cybersecurity

Caller ID

Canadian Regulatory Issues

Cellular Issues

Copyright Laws

Disaster / Emergency Planning



E-mail and Spam

Fax Rules


Fraud Prevention

Grant Resources

Higher Education Policy Issues / Cyberlearning

Instructional Television Fixed Services (ITFS) / Educational Broadband Service (EBS)

Internet Issues

Law Enforcement and Legal Procedures

Local Competition

Local Number Portability (LNP)

N11 Abbreviated Dialing Codes

Net Neutrality

Networking and Information Technology

North American Numbering Plan (NANP)

Open Access / Competitive Providers

Privacy/Identity Theft Issues

Spectrum Management


Tax Issues

Telecommunications and Media Convergence

Toll Free Calling

Universal Service

Voice Over IP

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To pose a question or alert the committee to pertinent issues, you may e-mail any of the committee members from our Committee Listings Page.