2017 ACUTA Conference & Exhibition App

We are pleased to announce the availability of the ACUTA 2017 Conference Mobile App. Navigate this year’s ACUTA Annual Conference using this tool developed specifically to enhance your experience.


The App Store and Google Play for “ACUTA Conferences”


OR, for all other web-enabled devices, including those listed above, Blackberry and Windows, enter l.core-apps.com/acuta2017 to be automatically directed to the proper download version for your phone.

Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app, choose ACUTA 2017 then tap Download. If you already have the ACUTA Conferences mobile app with a previous app open, you may need to go to settings and tap “Exit to Show List”. Choose ACUTA 2017 then tap download.

With the ACUTA Conferences mobile app, you can:

  • Stay organized with up-to-the-minute Exhibitor, Speaker, and Event Information
  • Receive important real-time communications from ACUTA
  • Build a personalized schedule and bookmark exhibitors
  • Take notes and download event handouts and presentations
  • Send yourself a full event summary
  • Rate the sessions you attend and comment on them, too
  • Stay in-the-know and join in on social media
  • Find attendees and connect with your colleagues through Friends
  • And much, much, more!   

Should you run into any technical difficulties, please contact support@core-apps.com

If you haven’t-yet registered to attend the ACUTA 2017 Annual Conference, we hope you’ll see this as another reason to be in Chicago. Or, if you can’t make it to the Conference, the app still contains information we are sure you will find valuable.

Mobile Event App for ACUTA 2017 Conference Mobile Event App for ACUTA 2017 Conference